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FAQ for getting tattooed by Trent
Here is a few quick things to help you consider getting a piece from Trent

1. How far in advance is Trent booked?

- Trent is usually booked anywhere from 2-4 months in advanced.

2. What is the cost of my tattoo?

$200 per hour with the avg session running about 6 hours

some are smaller such as a rose for 3-4 hours.

If you want to do a smaller or more simple piece that can be lowered to a 2 hour session or you can book with our other artist Lucky Mac. Recently Trent is more selective on what he wants to tattoo.

3. Where should I put the tattoo at and why?

- Placement can make all the difference on certain tattoos, in general Trent prefers arms or legs. Those are easy spots, as far as for the client and artist. These are things to consider, unless you have a big budget and a high pain tolerance then stay away from large areas like chest, ribs, stomach, or back. Trent will make recommendations but always consider the clients wishes and restrictions, its a collaborative process where everyone should be happy. As amazing as it looks to get a full back piece or rib tattoo, arms are generally the least painful place and the art size makes it feasable to be completed in one day.

4. Should I get color or black and Grey?

Usually the first answer is to get black and Grey. The reason is because it usually heals quicker and better, ages better and is less painful. However that being said you can tell Trent Valleau has a passion for both grey wash and FULL COLOR tattoos so if the above reasons aren't stopping you then by all means go full color. Keep in mind its preferred to have light skin or even very pale skin for the color to work best and show up brightest. If you get sun a lot or tan easily in the area you want the tattoo then consider black and grey. Another thing to consider is the photo reference and the artists preference.

5. I booked my appointment, any tips before getting tattooed?

Yes! Make sure to eat lots of green fresh vegetables to thicken your blood. Do not take blood thinners (aspirin) or drink alcohol for 3 days before getting tattoos. Put as much lotion as humanly possible for weeks before getting tattooed. Dint get sun burnt, mosquito bites, or a rash on the area you want to get tattooed. Make sure to treat your body well, exercise, get a massage, sleep in the day you get the tattoo done, if you can. Be mentally relaxed and ready.

6. What to bring and how to get thought the pain?

Please listen to this advice, people get tattoos every day. Much more extensive than what your going to get and much more painful so be aware of that. People have their entire bodies done and crazy places like their heads, ribs, back of thigh. Lots of pain. You need to be mentally ready, thats the best thing you can do. Be tough. Bring headphones for your music, or movies, or video games... You can take pain killers as long as their not blood thinners. You can put lidocain gel on the tattoo one hour before and during the process to help numb the pain. Don't be afraid to ask or pre buy it on your own. It costs $30, the brand we recommend is Hush or H2ocean. Also keeping high blood sugar through out the day is critical so eat lots of big meals and stay full all day. Candy or sodas as terrible as they are for your health will help insure that your blood sugar levels are high and for whatever reason we notice that helps people thru the pain a lot.
Now Taking appointments
Trent Valleau - email trentstattoos@gmail.com

is a realism and portrait artist, is now taking bookings for 2015. Usually 2-3 months in advance. Email your ideas with photo reference attached, it can be other tattoos you have seen, artwork from any artist to get inspiration from or actual photography. Keep in mind working with an artist means allowing some changes or "improvements" as we like to call it to make the best design possible. Realistic tattoos have a soft edge feel and usually little or no bold outline.

Alex Citrone - call 512 800 6608
specializes in traditional style (old school, sailor style, Americana) and also does Japanese, Neo- Traditional, Lettering and many other styles. Appointments are always preferred unless its Saturday which is "walk in day" where you can most likely get tattooed on the spot. Alex books out 1-3 weeks in advance since the nature of this style is faster and less expensive. Traditional is a great way to collect tattoos to create a large collage of classic imagery.

Austin tattoo shops
One of the best Austin tattoo shops - Taste of Ink-

We moved! to a bigger better location, 9505 burnet rd, Austin, 78757!

Walk ins welcome 7 days a week!

Thanks everyone for your support :)
Taste of Ink - one of the Best tattoo shops in Austin
We have been working hard to create a fun yet relaxing environment to get tattooed in. Although we do take walk ins everyday, its best to schedule an appointment to give your artists the time to prepare for your tattoo. Our shop was established in Oct. 2012 and in just under a year, we have over 1,000 happy client's who would recommend this shop to their friends and family. Check our Facebook page to see what they have to say about our work and their experience at Taste of Ink, one of the top Austin tattoo shops. Thanks everyone for all the support we look forward to seeing you in the chair!
Fully Disposable vs Autoclave
Here at taste of ink we are a Fully Disposable shop. This means we wont reuse tubes or needles on you... EVER!.... some shops out there are using steel instead of plastic tubes because they either prefer them for the weight or to save money. There is never a question if your stuff was autoclave sterilized prior to your tattoo and we throw everything away after each and every tattoo. All surfaces we touch (with gloves) are bagged with disposable barrier or saran wrap and we use a chemical that kills everything once we are finished with your tattoo. This eliminates the possibility of cross contamination. If you don't see your artist doing all of this at your other shop then you should be concerned. We have your safety as our number one concern!
Star of Texas 2013
We will be at the star of Texas 2013 this year. This is a gathering of well respected tattoo artists and fine artists alike. We will be at the pre party on the 16th also selling our original artwork and prints. If you want to buy some prints you can stop by the shop anytime or email us at trentstattoos@gmail.com. Thanks everyone for your support!